KT Administrators, LLC

About KT Administrators, LLC

One of the most significant differences between KT Administrators, LLC and other organizations offering similar services is we are a true third party administrator. Banks, insurance companies, brokerage and investment houses often provide administrative services as an add-on, or throw-in, to their primary objective of having your monies invested in their limited selection of funds.

We, on the other hand, act independently, in a consultative capacity, providing quality administrative services that can be used in conjunction with ANY set of investment options. Unlike banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses and certain mutual fund families, we don't have any self interest in our own investments. Therefore, as your needs change we can change; whether the change is in the selection of investment options or the administrative features of your plan.

At KT Administrators, LLC, we are committed to offering our skills and talents as administrators to help with your qualified plans. We are constantly searching for trends and identifying opportunities. We work with you, first defining your goals, then working exclusively toward their success. It is our resolve to always remain a step ahead...on the leading edge of information and service.