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Why Choose KTA
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KT Administrators, LLC has many benefits that are appealing to the Clients and Registered Representatives/Investment Advisor/Asset Consultant. We are committed to offering the highest level of professionalism and dedication in all of our relationships with our Referring Parties. We know that quality administration is as important to the future of our company as it is to yours. For this reason, we are committed to establishing strong relationships with you and the clients you service. In considering which Third Party Administrator to use for your Record Keeping and Administrative needs, we would like to list some of the facts that make us attractive, and how those facts can benefit you specifically.

FACT #1    KT Administrators, LLC has been an independent FEE BASED Third Party Administrator since 1976.  All of our administrative fees are priced based upon the work effort that will be required of KTA personnel.  It makes NO DIFFERENCE to us whether a plan has $10,000 in total assets or $10,000,000 in total assets.  Our administrative fees will not change.

BENEFIT #1 Since we are truly fee-based, our fees are known up front and will not change based on the value of the assets.

BENEFIT #2 In a world where clients are closely analyzing costs based upon total (bp) charged, it can be a very significant price advantage for you to be able to bid on an account without having to include "x" bp's for KT Administrators, LLC

BENEFIT #3 Clients can feel at ease knowing that we are an impartial party since we have absolutely no connection or responsibility to the assets chosen. In other words, the client can be assured that the quality of their administration does not depend on how the assets perform. We will continue to provide quality administration as long as our fees are being paid.

FACT #2    KT Administrators, LLC has the capability and flexibility to handle plan assets invested with any Asset Company.

BENEFIT #1 KT Administrators, LLC utilizes Daily Valuation software that has the capabilities to maintain any number of assets that are valued on a daily basis. We currently track over 1000 assets and our list is continuing to grow. If we do not currently maintain an asset that you were interested in using, we can easily add it to our system.

BENEFIT #2 Since KT Administrators, LLC is able to maintain any number of assets, this gives you the ability to choose any assets you are interested in using. Beside the mutual funds, we also have the ability to maintain Publicly Traded Stock accounts for those clients that offer it to their employees.

BENEFIT #3 Our Daily Valuation software also allows us the unique ability to create new funds to suit your individual needs. We can create a Trustee fund in case your client wants to offer a Trustee Directed option to their employees. We can also name the fund whatever the trustee wishes to call it. This fund will then be maintained just like any other fund held in the account.

BENEFIT #4 KT Administrators, LLC has the ability to track and maintain accounts that are frozen. Specifically, we work with a number of RIA's who run into assets with significant back end surrender charges; whether those charges are in the form of 12-B1 charges or life insurance pooled account surrender charges. We currently maintain frozen accounts for a number of clients. These frozen accounts are included on their statements and on the Participant Account Web Access System and Telephone Access System with all of the other funds.

FACT #3    KT Administrators, LLC is flexible to handle any size case load.

BENEFIT #1 KT Administrators, LLC is able to handle any size case, whether it contains 1 participant or 10,000 participants. Since we are strictly a fee-based company, we are able to service those plans that may not initially involve significant asset holdings. We currently service cases with as few as 1 participant.

FACT #4    KT Administrators, LLC has state of the art software, a Participant Account Web Access System available through a secure web-site, and a Telephone Access System available through a toll free 800 number.

BENEFIT #1 Allows you the ability to service clients all over the United States thus increasing your prospective client base by not limiting you to a specific geographic area.

BENEFIT #2 All assets including company stock and frozen assets are available to be viewed and heard on a daily basis.

BENEFIT #3 The variety of options and features available on our Participant Account Web Access System and Telephone Access System are on the cutting edge of technology.

FACT #5    KT Administrators, LLC has the unique ability to create a plan specific to the individual needs of the client. KT Administrators, LLC specializes in the unique case. Other Administrators offer one or two plan formats that a client must fit into, while we can format a plan specifically to fit the needs of the client. We specialize in those clients that do not fit in a generic format.

BENEFIT #1 Increase your client base by giving you the freedom to offer plans to those companies who want an individualized plan.

BENEFIT #2 KT Administrators, LLC is owned and operated by Gary Beaver, Pension Attorney with over 30 years of design and administration experience. This knowledge can be of assistance to you in the unique case, the complex case, or the very sophisticated large case market place.